Press brake

TRUMPF TrumaBend C 66

Built 2006
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Technical data

Bending length max. 2080 mm
Max. sheet thickness  
Throat c-frame 420 mm
Max. tool height 342 mm
Max. stroke 200 mm
Working speed 20 mm/s
Power max. 11 kW
Press force max. 660 kN
Back gauge 600 mm
Width between frames 1750 mm
Back stroke speed 200 mm/s
Farbe weiß/blau
Gewicht 5400 kg
Platzbedarf Länge 2600 mm
Platzbedarf Breite 1750 mm
Platzbedarf Höhe 2410 mm
Steuerung (Softwarestand) Delem DA 65 TW


-modern 4 cylinder-bending system with high precision
-hydro-electric bending with propotional-valves
-Incline of upper beam Y1 Y2 +- 3mm
-positioning of upper beam by glaslineal encoder
-CNC X- and R-axis
-manuel Z1 Z2 positioning of backgauge fingers with micro-switches in front of bending line
-selfregulating crowning system
-grahic programming
-CNC controll DA 65 TW in real-time windows
-self centering tooling system of TRUMPF
-2 front supports standard (CE-version)
-hinged back stop fingers with 3 levels
-oil tank made out of inox
-oil cooling system

- without bending tooling


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