TRUMPF TC 500 R-1300

Año fabricación 1996
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Datos técnicos

X movement max. 2535 mm
Y movement max. 1280 mm
X speed max. 90 m/min
Y speed max. 60 m/min
Max. axis speed simult. 108 m/min
Max. stroke rate 900 1/min
Max. punching force 220 kN
Max. punching diameter 76 mm
Max. sheet thickness 8 mm
Max. workpiece weight 150 kg
Max. number tools 14 Stk.
Farbe rot/weiß
Gewicht 19000 kg
Platzbedarf Länge 15100 mm
Platzbedarf Breite 7400 mm
Platzbedarf Höhe 2420 mm
Steuerung (Softwarestand) TRUMAGRAPH CC 220S


Standard equipment:

- Ball-fitted tables
- Safety light barriers
- 2 sheet clamps
- Automatic tool change
- automatic repositioning
- Tool length compensation
- Full rotation of all tools
- Programmable stripper
- Punching slug suction system
- Programmable spray tool lubrication
- Part removal chute up to 500mm x 500mm


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