Gasparini PSG 200 / 3000

Año fabricación 2005
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Datos técnicos

Bending length max. 3100 mm
Max. sheet thickness  
Throat c-frame 500 mm
Max. tool height 500 mm
Max. stroke 400 mm
Working speed  
Power max.  
Press force max. 2000 kN
Back gauge 800 mm
Width between frames 2600 mm
Back stroke speed  
Farbe weiß/blau
Gewicht 16000 kg
Platzbedarf Länge 4150 mm
Platzbedarf Breite 2900 mm
Platzbedarf Höhe 3700 mm
Steuerung (Softwarestand) Delem DA-69W



Standard equipment:

- operator-independent crowning ACSG1
- Stand expansion compensation, automatic and proportional to the compressive force
- Manual upper tool clamping
- Die table auto-centered with manual clamping
- Travel Y1 Y2 CNC controlled
- Back gauge with R and X axis CNC controlled
- CE - Safety guard doors and laser guard with foot operation
- Rexroth hydraulics
- Electrical version Siemens and Telemecanique
- Festo and Camozzi pneumatic version
- 2 x linear transducers matched to stroke length


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