Pressa piegatrice

EHT VarioPress 100-25

Anno 2011
Richiesta offerta

Dati Tecnici

Bending length max. 2550 mm
Max. sheet thickness  
Throat c-frame 405 mm
Max. tool height 585 mm
Max. stroke 400 mm
Working speed 10 mm/s
Power max. 11 kW
Press force max. 1000 kN
Back gauge 600 mm
Width between frames 2050 mm
Back stroke speed  
Farbe weiß/blau
Gewicht 10000 kg
Platzbedarf Länge 5828 mm
Platzbedarf Breite 4790 mm
Platzbedarf Höhe 3050 mm
Steuerung (Softwarestand) Cybelec ModEva 10S


Basic equipment:


- Stable machine frame: As a welded construction in all-steel construction, two side stands, table, connection bracket
- Pressure beam: high flexural strength, generously dimensioned, spherically suspended
- Top drive: Electro-hydraulic drive via proportional valves ensures exact synchronization of the two cylinders, integrated spring-back compensation
- Block hydraulics: Repeat accuracy thanks to modern block hydraulics with low-noise high-pressure internal gear pump. Press force immediately available
- Back gauge: CNC-controlled X and R axes with freely programmable and therefore infinitely adjustable stop depth and height for high accuracy. Easy, risk-free moving of the stop fingers from the front, automatic release and clamping of the stop fingers
- Upper tool clamp 26mm, manual: The EHT upper tool clamp has a head width of 26mm and a max. Load of 3000 kN / m. The upper tools are clamped horizontally
- Lower tool clamp 90/13, manual: The EHT lower tool clamp has two tool holders. One mounting width 90mm for block matrices without clamping and one mounting width 13mm for single V matrices or bar matrices that are manually clamped using screws
- Control cabinet air conditioning unit: An active air conditioning unit ensures optimum control cabinet ventilation and thus prevents possible contamination of the control cabinet components and undesirable temperature increases


- CYBELEC ModEva 10S, 2D graphics control with 10.4 "TFT color screen and 3.5" floppy disk drive, swivel-mounted on the right side of the machine and thus ergonomically positionable. Graphic programming with integrated bending sequence calculation, graphic tool library. Automatic calculation of the bending steps for round bending. Connection for external keyboard, mouse ect.

Safety :

- Safety device: protection by safety pre-switch, emergency stop push button, protective grille, self-tracking of the pressure beam when the machine starts. Protective cover made of metal. CE certificate
- Extended safety device: According to the European standard EN 12622, optoelectronic safety is mandatory for hydraulic press brakes. As there is a choice between laser optical protection system or light curtain at EHT, the price is not included in the standard equipment.


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