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TRUMPF TrumaBend V 170x

Anno 1998
Richiesta offerta

Dati Tecnici

Bending length max. 4080 mm
Max. sheet thickness 6 mm
Throat c-frame 410 mm
Max. tool height 535 mm
Max. stroke 365 mm
Working speed 10 mm/s
Power max. 22 kW
Press force max. 1700 kN
Back gauge 600 mm
Width between frames 3680 mm
Back stroke speed 135 mm/s
Farbe weiß/blau
Gewicht 18000 kg
Platzbedarf Länge 5400 mm
Platzbedarf Breite 2650 mm
Platzbedarf Höhe 2885 mm
Steuerung (Softwarestand) Grafiksteuerung DA 65


- Upper impulse draft in two cylinder installation Y1 / Y2
- electric-hydraulic ram in proportional valve-technology
- ram-way measuring system with deflection compensation by glass measuring sticks
- modern block hydraulic
- spherical suspension and sloping position of the compressor beam
- CNC backgauge system
- finger adjustment securely from the front
- 2 back stop finger
- self-centred, manual, hardened top tools admission for vertical tool change
- hardened, manual bottom tool admission
- programmable lower tool-adjustment(I axis) for 2 positions
- leveled front cover
- modern safety shield
- CE signs
- oil cooler
- owners manual

- no bendig tools


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