BROZIAT’s company history began over 120 years ago. We feel an active commitment to this history, and are keen to ensure that we continue to stand for quality, reliability, and dynamism, in the future.

On the eve of the 20th century, the “Julius Broziat” company is founded as a haulage company by Julius and Emma Broziat in Spandau, Berlin. This marks the beginning of the company history of the BROZIAT Group.
Mr and Mrs Broziat move with their company to Nauen, a county town near Berlin.
Until 1914
New divisions are added to the company. In addition to the haulage business, a new branch emerges for trading in coal, metal, iron and building materials. 50 hectares of land are farmed to supply the haulage company’s draught horses.
The oldest son of Julius and Emma, Oskar Broziat, takes over the company.
Under the management of Oskar and Else Broziat, the company is guided through the 20s and 30s, a period of inflation, recession and National Socialism. The company has 200 members of staff in 1939.
After the end of the war and the flight of the family from Nauen to Lübeck, the company is re-established as a shipping company at a site in Lübeck. The son of Oskar and Else Broziat, Horst, joins the company.